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The Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) is a certification awarded by the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) of Bethesda, Maryland to individuals who meet eligibility criteria and demonstrate current competency standards measured through the CTP examination. More than 30,000 individuals have earned the credential.

Once a CTP, certificants must abide by the CTP Standards of ethical conduct and must enhance their level of knowledge and skills by earning and reporting a prescribed number of continuing finance and business education credits every three years. The credential can be revoked by the Certification Committee of AFP for unethical behavior or by failure to earn and report continuing education credits. Typically, the CTP Exam changes every three years when a new Essentials of Treasury Management text is issued.

Before 1986, the AFP awarded the Certified Cash Manager (CCM) and beginning in 2003 the CCM certification was phased into the current CTP to reflect the expanding role of treasury within corporate finance.

AFP, as of 2019, also awards the Certified Corporate FP&A Professional (FPAC) designation.

Take the next step in your treasury career and apply to become a Certified Treasury Professional. The CTP comes with many benefits including earning a higher salary, increasing your job security and gaining instant credibility. Applications to take the CTP Exam may be submitted online. Full payment must accompany all applications. The CTP application cannot be processed without the required fee(s). Apply for the CTP today.

Role of a CTP
The CTP examination is based on globally recognized standards of practice, concepts and theories in treasury management.

Measurable Standard of Competency
The CTP exam is designed to test mastery of knowledge and skills required by treasury professionals to execute critical functions related to corporate liquidity, capital and risk management, such as:

Maintain corporate liquidity required to meet current and future obligations in a timely and cost effective manner.
Manage optimal cash positioning through forecasting and short-term investing and borrowing activities.
Employ working capital strategies and tools to efficiently manage current assets and liabilities.
Utilize various types of payment systems and Internet technologies to transfer monetary value and business documents between parties.
Monitor and control corporate exposure to financial and operational risks.
Optimize capital structure, manage costs of long-term capital and quantitatively evaluate capital resource investments.
Manage cross-border funds movement and utilize international trade financing methods.
Coordinate financial functions and sharing of financial information with other internal departments.
Delineate appropriate ethical behaviors expected in business activities.
Recognize corporate governance issues that arise from the separation of corporate ownership and control.
Build cost effective relationships with financial services providers.