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How Quickly You Receive Your Order Is Based On Two Things; Design Turnaround And Shipping Timetable. All Shipments are discreetly packaged – no mention of the nature of the product or website on the outside of the package.

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All documents are sent in flat unmarked packaging sleeves with reinforced corners to product the document during transit. This type of packaging is how most schools would mail diplomas and important documents to students.

Will the Package Mention “Diploma Company”?
As a reminder, just like with billing, any package from us will not mention this website by name or state that “diplomas” or “transcripts” are inside it! We respect your privacy and proudly offer 100% anonymous packaging!

When Are Tracking Details Sent?
Tracking numbers are electronically generated and emailed to our customers, once your package is scanned by a delivery driver. Please keep in mind that tracking numbers may not be active and traceable right away. Sometimes it can take a few hours of movement before updates are posted about packages. It is not uncommon for some customers to get their package from us before tracking details are ever updated through the courier’s website.

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