Steps To Take In Designing Your Fake Diploma


When looking for a diploma designer, look for one with prompt service, diploma personalization facilities on their website, and several customization possibilities.

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Have A Diploma To Reference

When making a phony diploma, you should try to replicate the entire high school or college certificate as closely as feasible. has various layouts and tools to let you achieve precisely that.

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However, replicating the original high school diploma is usually beneficial. It will make it easier to adhere to the format, material to put on the certificate, dates, signatures, logos, and more.


Now that you’ve located a trustworthy fake credential designer online and (maybe) have an actual copy to look at, it’s time to get down to business: creating the diploma. See the instructions below for further information.

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1. Choose Your Template


First and foremost. To begin creating your phony diploma, select a template that strongly matches the design of your original certificate. We offer many themes for you to pick from at


Picking your templates will simplify the overall procedure. Enter the necessary information, and our template will insert and position it where it belongs.


The end product will be a picture-perfect certificate that looks real. Nobody will ever dispute the quality or authenticity.


2. Fill In The Details


Ensure you have all the materials you need before creating your high school graduation phony certificate.


You will require the below data to complete the phony diploma entirely:


  • The state in which your high school was situated
  • Your institution’s name
  • The city, state, and nation where the school is located
  • Your name as it appeared on your official certificate
    • The date of your graduation
    • When you have all the material, enter it into our provided forms. Before moving on to the next phase, you should double-check your work for mistakes.

    3. Finalize And Order

    After you’ve double-checked that everything is grammatically correct, all that remains is to change a few visual aspects of the fake diploma, including its:


    • Paper colors
    • Paper size
    • State logo options include flat color ink, embossed stickers (the most common), and raised 3D ink.
    • Folder with padding


    You can optionally demand a secondary print and a digital copy at payment to guarantee that you will always have a copy if you misplace it again.