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Is CIMA or ACCA better?
If the goal is to take on management roles, CIMA is better. But if you want to take up specialist roles in accounting, go for ACCA.

Is CIMA better than CA?
Chartered Accountancy (CA) takes more than 4 years to complete the qualification and the passing rate is about 5% per level where as CIMA takes approximately 2-3 years to complete and the passing rate is about 40 to 50%. CA is recognised in India whereas CIMA is recognised in more than 176 countries.

Is CIMA Recognised CPA?
Today, CIMA is recognized as a professional accounting body by UK and many other countries in the world. CPA is the title that is conferred upon an individual who has passed the examinations conducted by UCPAE and is considered eligible to carry on practice in his state in the US.

What is a CIMA degree equivalent to?
master’s degree in Accounting
CIMA Professional Qualification (CGMA)

This qualification is equivalent to a master’s degree in Accounting. This course is for qualified finance professionals who are looking to upskill their business skills while gaining practical knowledge of the industry.

Is CIMA harder than ACCA?
ACCA vs CIMA: Which is harder? Both qualifications have their challenges and are equally as difficult which will require hard work, motivation and discipline.

Is CIMA bigger than ACCA?
Gaining a CIMA qualification means that candidates can use the globally recognised title of Chartered Global Management Accountant and they become part of a global network of chartered accountants around the world. In India, a CIMA qualification is more competitive than an ACCA qualification.

Is CIMA globally Recognised?
The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) – is a leading membership body that offers an internationally recognised professional qualification in management accountancy.

Is CIMA better than CFA?
If you want to have a strategic advantage over other accounting courses, you should pursue CIMA. CIMA is not as recognized as CFA®, but if you think about compensation, it’s much higher than a CFA®. But CIMA is more popular in the UK than in other countries. CIMA is as good as a master’s degree.