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What is Pearson BTEC?
Business Technology and Education Council
Established in 1984, Pearson BTEC (Business Technology and Education Council) are a progressive framework of vocational and skill-based courses, teaching and learning resources that support flexibility of teaching, online and in the classroom.

Is Pearson BTEC recognised?
The International Certificate is accepted around the world by universities, ministries of education and employers as proof of English language proficiency.

What is a Pearson BTEC certificate equivalent to?
BTEC Nationals are equivalent to International A Levels and, like BTEC Firsts, can be tailored to meet local and regional needs. Alongside A Levels, BTEC Nationals are the most widely- recognised UK qualification for admission into Higher Education.

Is IB the same as BTEC?
More recently some schools have started to offer BTEC courses too. An A level curriculum allows pupils to specialise in 3 or 4 subject areas, while the IB is a broader curriculum with 6 subjects being studied, 3 at a standard level and 3 at a higher level.

What is Pearson BTEC equivalent to GCSE?
For example, a Level 2 BTEC First Diploma is worth the equivalent of 4 GCSEs grade A*-C. This means a student can do a Level 2 BTEC First independently alongside GCSEs, or work towards them both in the same subject area. These are Level 2 qualifications, the equivalent of traditional GCSEs grades A*- C.

Is BTEC accepted in USA?
The BTEC HND, along with IGCSE and A level, is widely recognised and understood in the USA and many institutions will grant advanced entry onto a same-subject degree course. Subject to meeting minimum requirements, these universities will accept BTEC HND students onto degree courses.

Is BTEC only in UK?
The BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) Level 3 diploma is a Further Education qualification and vocational qualification taken in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Is Pearson BTEC accepted in Canada?
while the qualifications you have taken with Pearson will affect the courses you can apply for, both edexcel A levels and BTeCs are widely accepted throughout Canada. Students with edexcel A levels and BTeC qualifications have achieved a higher academic level to Canadian secondary school graduates.