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Is PSB Academy degree Recognised?
What is PSB Academy known for?
PSB Academy is a trusted education provider, committed to providing accessible quality education that nurtures and shapes individuals to enable them to achieve their personal and professional best.

What is PSB Academy stand for?
Singapore’s Productivity and Standards Board
About PSB Academy

Once known as Singapore’s Productivity and Standards Board, PSB Academy is known today as “The Future Academy”, with an approach to education that focuses on what really matters: performance in the New Economy.

Why is PSB Academy good?
Emphasis on Employability. On top of well-established curriculum developed in consultation with university partners, we also place importance in graduates’ employability. According to PSB Academy Graduate Employment Survey 2021, almost 8 in 10 graduates were employed six months after examinations*.

Is PSB private or government?
PSB Academy is a private educational institution (PEI) that offers Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in Singapore. It is registered under the Committee for Private Education (CPE).

How good is PSB?
It’s very, very good, though and may well be perfect for many customers – and it’s plenty good enough to raise PSB’s profile and its certainly has more than enough going for it to give similarly priced wireless speakers a run for their money.

Can PSB Academy student work in Singapore?
Under MOM regulations, Student’s Pass holders studying in private education institutions are not allowed to engage in any form of paid or unpaid employment or be in any business while on Student’s Pass. You may visit the Ministry of Manpower website for more information.

Who owns PSB Academy?
Derrick Chang, CEO of PSB Academy, said: “Under BPEA’s ownership, PSB enjoyed a very successful period of growth, and is now on a clear growth trajectory riding on strong macro industry tailwinds.