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The University of Lincoln is a public research university in Lincoln, England, with origins dating back to 1861. It gained university status in 1992 and its present name in 2001. The main campus is in the heart of the city of Lincoln alongside the Brayford Pool. There are satellite campuses across Lincolnshire in Riseholme and Holbeach and graduation ceremonies take place in Lincoln Cathedral.

19th and 20th centuries
The University of Lincoln developed out of several educational institutions, including Hull School of Art (1861), Hull Technical Institute (1893), the Roman Catholic teacher-training Endsleigh College (1905), Hull Central College of Commerce (1930), and Kingston upon Hull College of Education (1913). These merged in 1976 into Hull College of Higher Education, with a change of name to Humberside College of Higher Education in 1983, when it absorbed several courses in fishing, food and manufacturing.

It became Humberside Polytechnic in 1991.

In 1992 it was one of many UK institutions to become full universities, as the University of Humberside.

The university developed a new campus to the southwest of Lincoln city centre, overlooking the Brayford Pool. It was renamed the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside in January 1996, entering its first 500 Lincoln based students in September 1996.

21st century

Looking towards the University of Lincoln across the Brayford Pool
With another change of name to the University of Lincoln in October 2001, the university moved its main campus from Hull to Lincoln in 2002.

Queen Elizabeth II opened the university’s main Lincoln campus, the first new city-centre campus built in the UK for several decades. Over £375 million has been invested at Brayford Pool, transforming a city-centre brownfield site, revitalising the area and attracting investment from the retail, leisure and property sectors. Economists estimate that the university has created at least 3,000 new jobs in Lincoln and generates more than £250 million a year for the local economy – doubling previous local economic growth rates.

On 28 October 2004, the National Centre for Food Manufacturing at Holbeach was reopened by John Hayes, Member of Parliament for South Holland and the Deepings, after redevelopment as a specialist food-science technology park. The consolidation involved the University of Lincoln acquiring the Leicester-based De Montfort University’s schools in Lincolnshire: the Lincoln School of Art in uphill Lincoln, and the Lincolnshire School of Agriculture’s sites at Riseholme, Caythorpe and Holbeach. Caythorpe was later closed and its activities moved to Riseholme. Courses held in Grimsby were also moved to Lincoln at that time.