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Why is Caltech so hard to get into?
It is tough to get into Caltech. As one of the leading science and research universities globally, the school receives many applications, which reduces its acceptance rate every year. To get accepted into the school, you must be exceptional and among the top five to 10 percent in your class.

Is MIT or Caltech harder to get into?
Both MIT and Caltech have very low acceptance rates. MIT’s is 4%, while Caltech’s is slightly lower at 6%.

Is MIT or Caltech better?
The main difference between Caltech and MIT is that MIT is larger than Caltech and offers more study programs as compared to Caltech. Caltech may be better in the learning experience and pure science subjects, but MIT has a better ranking in engineering and all other academic fields.

Is Caltech harder to get into than Harvard?
The California Institute of Technology, also known as Caltech, is not as famous as other elite colleges and universities like Harvard, Yale, or Princeton. Harvard and Princeton are almost as hard to get into as Caltech.

Is Caltech better than Oxford?
In its 2022 edition, THE ranks Oxford first. Caltech and Harvard (pictured above) tie for second, followed by Stanford at fourth and Cambridge and MIT in a tie for fifth.

Is Caltech an Ivy League level?
Among them are Stanford, M.I.T., and Caltech — schools that are not technically Ivy League schools, but tend to enjoy a similar reputation and social status. In fact, due to their prestige of MIT, Stanford are often mistaken as Ivy League, even though they are not.

Why is Caltech not an Ivy League school?
Is CalTech an Ivy League School? CalTech is not an Ivy League school. Believe it or not, the Ivy League isn’t an academic organization. Rather, the Ivy League is a Division I NCAA athletic conference.

Why is Caltech so famous?
Caltech University | Why is it one of the top universities?
The university has 6 academic divisions, many of which have highly-ranked graduate programs. Caltech has a reputation for being innovative, and its science and engineering programs are some of the best in the world. Moreover, only a handful of universities can match Caltech in these areas.