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Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology is a diploma- and degree-granting college in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is the oldest publicly funded college in Ontario. Its campuses are situated on the east side of the city, particularly in Scarborough, with an aerospace centre at Downsview Park in North York.

Centennial College has been recognized as a culturally diverse post-secondary institution, almost 100 ethno-cultural groups are represented and 80 languages are spoken on campus. In 2016, it was ranked as one of Canada’s Top 10 Research Colleges. Its main research facilities are its Wearable, Interactive and Mobile Technologies Access Centre in Healthcare (WIMTACH]), established in 2015 through a $1.75 million federal grant and its aerospace innovation hub, under construction at the former de Havilland plant in west-end Toronto.

Located in Scarborough, Morningside Campus (previously Centennial College HP Science and Technology Centre) opened in the summer of 2004 to house joint programs with the nearby University of Toronto Scarborough. The campus operates health science and environmental science programs, architectural technology, biotechnology, personal support worker, paramedics, pharmacy technology, environmental technology, massage therapy and others.

Centennial offers more than 260 programs, including bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, certificates, post-graduate certificates and apprenticeship programs, across many fields of study.

Founded in 1966, the college offers programs in business, communication arts, community and consumer services, applied computing, engineering technology, health sciences, animation, music, theatre, film and design.[2] Centennial College supports enrolments of 22,000 full-time students and 19,000 part-time students.

Centennial College was the first community college to be opened in Ontario during the formation of the province’s public college system in the 1960s. Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology was established on May 21, 1965, under the direction of the Hon. William Davis, Minister of Education. The system has grown to encompass 24 public colleges serving 200 communities in the province.