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Is Concordia University a good university?
Concordia University – Canada Rankings

Concordia University – Canada is ranked #653 in Best Global Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. Read more about how we rank schools.

Is Concordia a French or English university?
English-language university
Since Concordia is an English-language university, English speakers will feel right at home on campus. Many Montrealers are bilingual — or speak even more than two languages!

What is Concordia University famous for?
With close to 48,000 students, Concordia is among the largest urban universities in Canada. We offer hundreds of Bachelor’s programs in four Faculties: Arts and Science, Fine Arts the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science and the John Molson School of Business.

Where does Concordia University rank?
THE Young University Rankings

THE’s newly released 2023 rankings also placed Concordia number one in Canada for the sixth consecutive year. The university’s world standing remained roughly the same as in 2022, ranking 151-200 out of 605 institutions compared to 177 out of 539 institutions last year.

Is Concordia hard to get into?
The Concordia University acceptance rate is in the range of 78.2%, making it moderately simpler to get into. This means that out of 100 applicants, around 78 students seeking admissions at Concordia University get accepted.

Is a degree from Concordia respected?
Accreditation. Concordia College and University is not accredited by any higher education accrediting body recognized in the United States or most other countries where its degrees are advertised. It is recognized by UNESCO.

Is Concordia an easy university?
A few reviews say that getting into Concordia University in Quebec is easy, but graduating is difficult.

Is Concordia good for international students?
Concordia University ranks among the Top 500 Universities in the world. It may not have prestige like McGill or University of Toronto, but it offers countless things for the students in their university life, personal grooming and how it prepares you for the future.

Is Concordia University Tier 1?
The university has been ranked at #551-560 in the world according to QS World University Rankings, 2023. U.S. News and World Report has placed. Concordia University has secured the #301-500 global rank in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings, 2023, demonstrating its excellence in graduate employment.