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Los Angeles Mission College is the ninth and youngest college established in the Los Angeles Community College District. It was first located in high schools, churches, office buildings, shopping centers, and other locations scattered throughout the city of San Fernando and the Sylmar neighborhood of Los Angeles, and opened its doors to the public in February 1975 with approximately twelve hundred students. The graduating class of 1975 consisted of a single student, who had transferred to the college that semester. Within two years, over 3,000 students were taking classes in fifty different disciplines, including Administration of Justice, Business, Chemistry, Chicano Studies, English, Family and Consumer Studies, Geography, Journalism, Microbiology, Real Estate, and Zoology. The college then outgrew its locations and found a permanent location for the campus at Hubbard and Eldridge in the northeast part of the Sylmar neighborhood instead.

Sixteen years later, in the summer of 1991, the college moved to its permanent campus, built on 22 acres (8.9 ha) of land in the northeast part of the Sylmar neighborhood of Los Angeles on the intersection of Hubbard St and Eldridge Ave. Before the Los Angeles Community College District and Mission College purchased the 22 acres of land, it was slated for a public middle school on Hubbard and Eldridge. The permanent campus had only a campus center with a library and the main instructional building with a culinary arts department & classes, a cafeteria, and administrative offices.

Seven years after the permanent campus opened in 1991, a new Library and Learning Resource Center opened in 1997 and relieved the old library in the Campus Center of LA Mission College. After the new library opened and built in 1997, the large indoor area in the Campus Center where the old library was turned into an event space with meeting rooms, much like a convention center. In 2002, Mission College constructed a collaborative studies building to house more classes on the campus. By 2004, the Center for Child Development Studies building was built and opened on the permanent campus.

By 2008, the campus opened a new parking structure on the south end of the main campus, accommodating the influx of students commuting to the campus. Also in 2008, The college broke ground on the construction of a new cafeteria, student store, and culinary arts institute building at LA Mission College. In 2009, the college opened the Heath, Athletics, and Fitness building on its new east campus property, relieving the physical education classes that once housed in the storefronts of shopping centers in Sylmar. In 2009, Mission College began a shuttle service between the main campus and the east campus. The old sheriff’s building at the college was demolished and moved into temporary bungalow buildings. By the Fall of 2009, ground had broken on the new Media Arts building at Mission College and construction began on the new building.

By spring 2011, construction began on the new Center for Math and Science building at the college’s East Campus. Also in that same year, the anime club at LA Mission College began by ASO,[clarification needed] and the college’s anime club was at the height of its popularity in the fall of 2011. Also in the fall of 2011, the Los Angeles Community College District purchased an abandoned residential property on Hubbard across from the main campus and built a parking lot and asphalt areas for bungalows. The new Culinary Arts Institute building with a new cafeteria and student store was built and opened in spring 2011, relieving the old cafeteria in the Instructional Building; and the old student store in the Campus Services building. In 2011, the construction of the Media Arts building was delayed for one year until April 2012.