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Emporia State University (Emporia State or ESU) is a public university in Emporia, Kansas, United States. Established in March 1863 as the Kansas State Normal School, Emporia State is the third-oldest public university in the state of Kansas. Emporia State is one of six public universities governed by the Kansas Board of Regents.

The university offers degrees through seven schools, one college, and one institute: the School of Business and Technology, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Library and Information Management, School of Science and Mathematics, School of Visual and Performing Arts, School of Applied Health Sciences, The Teachers College, and the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies. Prior to the 2023–24 school year, Emporia State only had two schools and colleges.
The American Association of University Professors published an investigative report in May 2023 concerning the termination of thirty tenured and tenure-track faculty appointments at Emporia State University. The investigating committee found that, in carrying out the terminations, the ESU administration and the Kansas Board of Regents disregarded AAUP-recommended principles and procedural standards concerning tenure and academic freedom. It also found that the board’s reactivation in May 2022 of a temporary COVID-19-related policy allowed system institutions to abrogate existing university regulations that did comport in most essential respects with AAUP-supported standards. The temporary policy suspended existing university regulations and gave the ESU administration the authority to “suspend, dismiss, or terminate” any professor, tenured or untenured, without involving faculty governance bodies and without affording academic due process to the affected faculty members. Although the board of regents offered the policy to all system institutions, only Emporia State’s administration adopted it–in September 2022, just three months before it was set to expire.

In August 2023, Emporia State became the only Kansas public university without campus child care when it closes the child care center. Wichita State University, University of Kansas, Kansas State University,Pittsburg State University, and Fort Hays State all have existing programs. ESU closed doors on its Center for Early Childhood Education in the midst of a national child care crisis. In Lyon County, there are between 21-30 children per opening at a child care facility as of 2021, according to Child Care Aware of Kansas.

Enrollment dropped at ESU by 13% by September 2023, most notably in its formerly renowned college of education which had enrollment decrease by more than 200 students within the year. Meanwhile, overall enrollment in the state’s community colleges, universities and other public higher education institutions grew 2% from Fall 2022, according to preliminary numbers.

The Kansas Board of Regents announced the fiscal year 2024 tuition and fee rates at state universities, approving increases at all state universities, after holding tuition relatively flat the past four years. For ESU students, the increase means that full-time, resident students at ESU would see an increase of $131.95 per semester. The increases are also coupled with a 5.82% increase to the campus activity fee, which will set students back an additional $40.52.