where to buy Grand Canyon University diploma certificate?

where to buy Grand Canyon University diploma certificate?
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Grand Canyon University (GCU) is a private for-profit Christian university in Phoenix, Arizona.

The university offers degrees in over 200 areas of study and is administratively divided into 9 separate colleges. As of September 2023, more than 100,000 students were enrolled online and in-person, making it one of the largest Christian universities by enrollment.

The institution was established in 1949 by the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention as Grand Canyon College. In 1999–2000, the university ended its affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention.

The university competes as the Grand Canyon Antelopes in NCAA Division I athletics as a member of the Western Athletic Conference.
Grand Canyon College was founded as a nonprofit institution in 1949 in Prescott, Arizona. Southern Baptists felt the need to establish a faith-based institution that would allow local Baptists the opportunity to obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree without going east to one of the Baptist colleges in Texas or Oklahoma.

On October 8, 1951, Grand Canyon College relocated to its current location in Phoenix.

In 1984, the college’s trustees voted to transition the college to a university for the 40th anniversary of the school in 1989, becoming Grand Canyon University. At this time, it also changed governance from the Southern Baptist Convention to the GCU Board of Trustees.
Suffering financial and other difficulties in the early part of the 21st century, the school’s trustees authorized its sale in January 2004 to California-based Significant Education, LLC, making it the first for-profit Christian college in the United States.Significant Education was a subsidiary of education entrepreneur Michael K. Clifford’s company. Clifford became managing director of the privatized institution, with the former board of trustees serving in an advisory role. Significant Education changed to a corporation in 2005 and became publicly traded under the name Grand Canyon Education, Inc in 2008. GCE trades on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “LOPE”.

After the infusion of capital, Grand Canyon University’s size increased. After having fewer than 1,000 students enrolled in 2008, the university had 17,500 students in the spring of 2017. A 2015 economic impact study revealed that the university was adding about $1 billion into the state’s economy each year during its expansion. In February 2017, then Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said that the neighborhoods surrounding the university have experienced a 30% increase in housing values while concurrently seeing a 30% decrease in crime rates.

By 2014 the accumulated student loan debt of Grand Canyon students was estimated to be more than $5.9 billion.

Due to GCU’s for-profit status (and various other reasons), Arizona State University had refused to play against GCU in any sport, even though both are NCAA Division I schools and located only 16 miles (26 km) apart.[additional citation(s) needed] ASU eventually reversed its decision, and sporting events between the two universities recommenced in the fall of 2020.