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Grand Canyon University (GCU) is a private for-profit Christian university in Phoenix, Arizona.

The university offers degrees in over 200 areas of study and is administratively divided into 9 separate colleges. As of September 2023, more than 100,000 students were enrolled online and in-person, making it one of the largest Christian universities by enrollment.

The institution was established in 1949 by the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention as Grand Canyon College. In 1999–2000, the university ended its affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention.

The university competes as the Grand Canyon Antelopes in NCAA Division I athletics as a member of the Western Athletic Conference.
In fall 2014, the college announced the exploration of a return to non-profit status.Grand Canyon’s regional accreditation body, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), rejected the university’s petition for conversion to non-profit status in 2016, stating that the school’s proposed strategy, particularly its plan to outsource some of its activities (such as curriculum development and student support services) to outside vendors, did not meet the criteria for “such a conversion”. In 2018, the university submitted another application to HLC to change to non-profit status. This second application was accepted on July 1, 2018. Although some organizations have approved this transition, the U.S. Department of Education still classifies the university as a for-profit university. The government specifically stated that GCU is a captive client to Grand Canyon Education and the college is operating for the benefit of shareholders of a for-profit company. Grand Canyon Education has also been accused of engaging in securities-law fraud with its relation to GCU.

Grand Canyon University was alleged to switch from for-profit status to non-profit status due to its yearly $9.2 million property tax bill. Numerous school officials said this was unsustainable and was one of the key reasons a required switch from for-profit to non-profit status was made, to reduce that burden. Some critics of for-profit education criticized the relationship between GCU and GCE as being too intertwined.

In 2021, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by GCU that claimed the university didn’t receive all the coronavirus relief funds to which it was entitled because it was a non-profit entity. That same year, GCU filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Education after being denied non-profit status twice.The lawsuit was dismissed in 2022 after a federal judge rejected the university’s claims.

In October 2023, a Grand Canyon University press release alleged that there was a concerted effort by the U.S. Department of Education, Federal Trade Commission, and Department of Veterans Affairs to punish the school for attempting to gain non-profit status.