where to buy Guam Board of Accountancy certificate?

where to buy Guam Board of Accountancy certificate?
how to buy Guam Board of Accountancy certificate?

where to buy Guam Board of Accountancy certificate?how to buy Guam Board of Accountancy certificate?buy Guam Board of Accountancy certificate

Guam AICPA licensure requires 120 total CPE credits every 3 years (minimum 20 CPE credits per year), with at least 6 ethics credits and at least 30 accounting and auditing credits.

As for the specific CPE requirements of each student, the start and end time of CPE education are different depending on the time when the license was obtained. Therefore, how to do CPE education can be carried out according to the CPE requirements issued by the specific licensing state. For some students who have already obtained the AICPA license Are you worried about whether you have to go abroad to do the AICPA follow-up education requirements?

No, it can be completed directly in China. Follow-up education can be carried out at Filixin AICPA. Filixin AICPA cooperates with Becker. AICPA pre-study textbook software and post-CPE education courses are available. Most American CPAs can choose to complete their CPE follow-up education courses at Lixin, especially domestic AICPA certificate holders, which will greatly reduce the cost of obtaining CPE.
If you encounter an AICPA license that has expired and been suspended because CPE was not completed on time, you can send an email to the license application state association and ask if it can be renewed. How many months can it be renewed? Which courses should be taken during the renewal period, and pay attention to whether there are any fines.

Generally, you can renew for a period of time after application. During this period of renewal, CPE must be completed on time. CPE education must be completed according to the requirements of the specific license application state to restore the license to Active status.

Generally speaking, practicing CPAs should download the CPE credit declaration form from the website of their state accounting board, fill in the CPE courses they have taken during the year in the declaration form, and send it to the state accounting board by email or letter.

The State Board of Accountants and NASBA will regularly conduct spot checks on the CPE credits taken by CPAs. If a practicing CPA fails to declare CPE credits on time, the practicing CPA will face penalties such as suspension of practicing qualifications, fines or even deprivation of the license.