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Is NSCA better than NASM?
NSCA edges out NASM as the top earner for certified trainers. It’s also the more popular of the two certifications, so why is it a lower income earner. We estimate that it all depends on the level of trainer experience.

What is NSCA personal trainer?
NSCA-Certified Personal Trainers (NSCA-CPT®) are health/fitness professionals who, using an individualized approach, assess, motivate, educate and train clients regarding their personal health and fitness needs.

Which is better NSCA or ACSM?
Certification Popularity and Recognition of ACSM vs. NSCA. As for popularity, ACSM has a wider popularity margin than the NSCA. They are much older and also have a further-reaching influence within the fitness industry.

How hard is the NSCA exam?
As with every personal trainer certification offered by the full range of organizations, the NSCA CPT exam is pretty tough. And that means you need to know your stuff, inside and out!

How good is the NSCA?
The NCCA also accredits NSCA and is thus considered a gold standard certification. They are most widely known for their athletic performance emphasis with their NSCA CSCS certification.

Is NSCA reliable?
Is NSCA accredited? Yes. As of 1996, the NSCA became the first certified personal trainer certification program accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). All of the NSCA certification programs exceed the NCCA standards.

How long is the NSCA exam?
NSCA-CPT is a 3-hour examination that consists of 140 scored and 15 non-scored multiple-choice items, with 25 to 35 questions presented as video or image questions.

Is it worth it to get NASM certified?
The NASM certified personal trainer certification is totally worth your while if you plan on becoming a fitness professional within a general population. It is a highly respected certification, and you will have many great specialization opportunities as well.