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The University of Notre Dame (English: University of Notre Dame; full English name: University of Notre Dame du Lac, Latin: Universitas Dominae Nostrae a Lacu, meaning “University of Notre Dame by the Lake”) is a private Catholic, research-oriented university. The town of Notre Dame is located in the northeastern part of South Bay, Indiana, USA. It is ranked among the top 20 universities in the United States by U.S. News and World Report. Its business school department was ranked second in the United States by U.S. Business Weekly in 2016.
The University of Notre Dame was founded in 1842 by the Holy Cross Order of French Father Edouard Solin. It is a Catholic university not under the jurisdiction of the Holy See. It is a well-known private university that combines arts and sciences. “Notre Dame” means Our Lady. As the name suggests, it is a Roman Catholic school, with approximately 70% of the students believing in Catholicism. Edward Thorin founded the school in 1842. The main campus covers 1,261 acres (510 hectares) and is located in the suburbs.

The University of Notre Dame is recognized as one of the top universities in the United States. The university consists of seven schools and colleges. Notre Dame’s graduate programs include more than 50 master’s, doctoral and professional degrees offered by six schools, including Notre Dame Law School and the MBBS dual-degree program offered jointly with Indiana University School of Medicine. The School of Architecture is best known for its teaching of neoclassical architecture and its annual Driehaus Architecture Prize. The university offers over 50 study abroad programs and over 15 summer programs. It maintains a system of libraries, cultural venues, and art and science museums, including the Hesburgh Library and the Snart Museum of Art. Most of the university’s 8,000 undergraduate students live in one of 33 residence halls on campus, each with its own traditions, heritage, activities and intramural sports teams. The university’s approximately 134,000 alumni form one of the strongest university alumni networks in the United States.

The university’s athletic teams are members of the NCAA Division I and are collectively known as the Fighting Irish. The University of Notre Dame is best known for its football team, which helped it rise to prominence on the national stage in the early 20th century. The team, an independent with no conference affiliation, has produced 11 national championships, seven Heisman Trophy winners, 62 College Football Hall of Fame members and 13 Pro Football Hall of Fame members. Notre Dame has accumulated 17 national championships in leagues in other sports, primarily the Atlantic Coast Conference. “Victory March” is one of the most famous and recognizable college fight songs.

Theodore Hesburgh made major improvements to the university during his tenure as president from 1952 to 1987. His administration increased the university’s resources, academic programs, and reputation. The university first admitted female undergraduate students in 1972. The university grew steadily thereafter, with many infrastructure and research expansions completed under the next two presidents, Edward Malloy and John Jenkins. Notre Dame continues to grow in the 21st century; at the end of fiscal year 2021, its endowment was valued at $20.3 billion, one of the largest endowments among American universities.