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The institution was founded in 1959 as the Junior College of Broward County (JCBC). It opened its doors the following year under the leadership of President Joe B. Rushing, with a faculty of 28 serving a class of 701 students. Until the college’s first permanent buildings were completed in 1963, students attended classes in the former Naval Air Station Junior High buildings on the western edge of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

After helping JCBC through its formative years and onto firm footing, Rushing in 1965 announced he was returning to his home state of Texas to become founding president of Tarrant County Community College in Fort Worth. He was followed by Myron Blee and then, in 1968, A. Hugh Adams, superintendent of public education in Charlotte County, Florida, was appointed president and served in that role until 1986. Changes began almost immediately. A month after his arrival, the college changed its name to Broward Junior College. Two months after Adams’ arrival, the Florida Legislature removed junior colleges from oversight by county school boards, and transformed their advisory boards into district boards of trustees. In 1970, the college was renamed again to Broward Community College.Adams’ interests lay in expanding access to the college for citizens living throughout the county. In his 19 years as president, South and North campuses were created, as was the Downtown Center and the Tigertail Lake Center.

Succeeding Adams was Will Holcombe, a protégée of James L. Wattenbarger, the architect of Florida’s community college system and executive vice-president at Brevard Community College. Holcombe had served in a variety of administrative capacities at Broward before joining Brevard’s administrative team.

Larry Calderon succeeded Holcombe upon his retirement in 2004. Calderon, an expert in strategic planning, was serving as president of Ventura College when he was appointed Broward’s fifth president, and its first of Hispanic heritage. When Calderon left the college in 2006, Holcombe returned to serve as interim president through the appointment of J. David Armstrong, Jr., in July 2007. President Armstrong came to the college from his position as Chancellor of the Florida College System. In December 2017, Armstrong announced that he would transition from the role of president.

Following a nationwide search Gregory Adam Haile, Esq. who served as General Counsel for the college was named president in May 2018. After 5 years of serving as president of the college, Gregory Adam Haile resigned from the role in 2023. Barbara J. Bryan was named president on October 4, 2023. She is the first woman to serve in this role in the history of the institution.