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The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (English: Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, abbreviated as HKDSE or HKDSE Examination), commonly known as the “Diploma Examination” or “DSE”, is an examination and assessment program of Hong Kong in response to the 334 high school education reform. The public examination held by the Bureau in 2012 is the graduation examination for six-year middle schools.

Since the early days of Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong has been the only university in Hong Kong. Since the middle of the last century, the number of university degrees has continued to increase, and by the 1990s there were eight universities under the University Grants Committee offering bachelor’s degrees. The Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination is only used for admission to Hong Kong universities, so it is designed to be more difficult. However, with the increase in the number of places in post-secondary colleges, the number of students has decreased, and the elite Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination is no longer needed.

Since the 2000s, Hong Kong has launched a top-notch program, that is, students with grades A or 5* in six subjects of the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination can directly enter university after completing Form 6 without having to study in Form 7 and without taking the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination. The ability of the college entrance examination as a public examination to distinguish top students has weakened, and the college entrance examination is also sufficient to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of students. Therefore, voices in Hong Kong society gradually emerged calling for reform of the academic system.

The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination provides three types of subjects for HKDSE students to take. Candidates usually register for six to seven subjects, and can register for up to eight subjects and the extended part of mathematics (commonly known as eight and a half subjects). Before 2024, if candidates apply for eight subjects, the eighth subject is limited to one of the Category A subjects of ethics and religion, music, physical education, and visual arts, or a Category B subject, or a Category C subject. Starting in 2024, this requirement will be lifted.