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How hard is it to get into HKU?
The University of Hong Kong acceptance rate is only 37% which indicates admission is highly competitive. Being one of the highly prestigious institutions in Asia, HKU considers high GPA and test scores as major factors during the selection process.

What is the rank of HKU in the world?
Currently, HKU ranks: 26th in the world overall. 3rd globally forour international outlook. 1st in Hong Kong.

Is CUHK or HKU better?
University Rankings 2022: HKU (1st), HKUST (3rd) and CUHK (9th). 2022: HKUST (3rd), PolyU (5th) and CityU (10th). programme (No.

Why are Hong Kong universities so good?
Universities in Hong Kong lay emphasis on research providing students with world-class education quality. Hong Kong is one of the best student cities in the world. Universities in Hong Kong lay emphasis on imparting practical education to students drawing inspiration from the western education system.

Is HKU or NUS better?
Top Universities in Asia: NUS Vs HKU | Top Universities
While NUS boasts a slightly stronger reputation among both academics and employers, HKU is not too far behind. Both rank respectably for faculty/student ratio – the number of full-time academic staff relative to student enrolments – which aims to give an indication of academic support levels.

What is the highest GPA in HKU?
The GPA scale is 0 – 4.3 with A+ as the top grade. Teaching staff should be reminded that the full scale should be used so that students will not be disadvantaged.

Is HKU an Ivy League?
About The University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is an international public research university in Hong Kong, China, known as the “Ivy League” of Asia. HKU was founded on March 16, 1910 and is the oldest higher education institution in Hong Kong.

What is the difference between HKU and CUHK?
HKU was built for secondary students who took a British curriculum, and CUHK was for those who took the Chinese curriculum. You can’t accurately compare them since they are both prestigious. People won’t look down on you if you attend CUHK.

Is HKU good for medicine?
With our school and departments facilitating teaching and learning at all levels, HKUMed has emerged as a leader in medical and healthcare education in Asia, while our curriculum has set a standard for the region, with other disciplines and institutions following our lead.

What is HKU famous for?
Today, HKU is recognized internationally as a dynamic and comprehensive university of world-class standing. With its distinguished excellence in research and outstanding performance in teaching, it attracts first-class teaching and research staff and brilliant students from around the world.